Experience the ultimate walking workout with SKECHERS GO WALK WORKOUT WALKER. The Arch Fit®️ insole offers arch support, reduces shock and enhances weight dispersion. The shoe features a carbon-infused forefront plate for added spring in your step.
The Hyper Burst®️ midsole provides cushioning, bounce and shock absorption, while the Goodyear®️ rubber technology ensures enhanced traction, stability, and durability. The GO WALK WORKOUT WALKER is a revolution in walking comfort and efficiency.

Hands Free Slip-ins Collection  

The series features the brand’s patented SKECHERS Hands Free Slip-ins®️ effortless slip-on technology, allowing users to effortlessly slip into the shoes without the need for hands or bending down. This is especially convenient in situations where hands are occupied, rushing out the door, or even experiencing back pain that prevents bending. It is a thoughtful design that caters to these needs. In addition to the convenience of easy slip-on, the Slip-ins®️ collection also provides a secure and comfortable fit. With the exclusive Heel Pillow design, the shoes offer a snug and supportive feeling, ensuring both comfort and stability without worrying about flattening the heels. It provides a convenient and enjoyable shoe-wearing experience that users will fall in love with since the first try.


SKECHERS GO WALK 7, the latest innovation in walking footwear, features the cutting-edge HYPER BURST® technology, delivering remarkable resilience and stability akin to walking on clouds.  
Equipped with an upgraded SKECHERS Air Cooled Goga Mat™ insole and ULTRA GO® lightweight cushioning outsole, effectively minimize the stepping impact and enhance walking stability. Experience superior comfort and rebound with the HYPER BURST® and Hyper Pillar. Keep your feet fresh and odor-free with the ORTHOLITE® anti-mold and anti-bacterial lining.


By prioritizing the well-being of kid’s feet, SKECHERS introduces a collection of kids’ shoes that are crafted for their needs. The collection is equipped with an AIR-COOLED MEMORY FOAM® breathable memory insole, offering a soft and comfortable sensation while providing ample support. No matter for everyday walking or sports activities, these shoes offer excellent flexibility, allowing children to unleash their energy to the fullest.